Disclamer: This is a new program for RawHyde and we reserve the right to change the terms and offerings as necessary to provide the best possible experience for our customers

Folks, let's be honest; motorcycles are toys and if you're going to buy a new toy you want a chance to play with it before purchasing it - right? To that point, if you're in the market for a new adventure bike you'll quickly find that it is impossible to really get a legitimate test ride on any of the bikes you may be evaluating. Most power sports offer very limited street only demo rides and NO dealers will allow off-road demo rides. RawHyde has a solution to this.

Our adventure demo experience is geared toward riders who are interested in evaluating  most of the current range of adventure motorcycles in the environments that they were designed for.  Whether you just want to check them out or you're considering the purchase of an Adventure Motorcycle; our one and two day experiences are fun and educational as well as a great value.  What's more, if you’re in the market for an adventure bike and you buy one as a result of your time with us, you’ll get a rebate of the money you spent on your demo experience.

The One-Day Demo Experience

Our one-day program provides some real adventure;  an honest  adventure experience  and also  an opportunity to test ride  as many as three current adventure bikes in the environments  that they were meant for.  The  rides consist of 90 minute"combination rides"  at RawHyde's training school in Southern California.

To further explain what a combination ride is:

Phase 1 of each test ride will be a one hour asphalt ride on local twisty roads that will give you a great feel for the on-road capabilities of the bikes on pavement. Your one hour ride will include some specific exercises to allow you to thoroughly evaluate  the machine. You'll have braking exercises, turning and maneuvering exercises, and a 30 mile road ride.

Phase 2 of your demo experience will be a half hour loop ride on the roads and trails of RawHyde's off-road training school course.  You'll have a chance to try your hand at steep hills, off-camber turns, sand and more.

There's a lot more to your demo experience than just three demo rides though – here's the rest of the story.  There will be a solid educational component to your time with us. You'll be given a 30 minute lecture on top mistakes that riders make when getting started in the World of Adventure riding. Then You'll participate in a 2 hour clinic designed to give you some dirt skills before we begin the actual demo rides. Finally, we'll conduct a 30 minute overview of how to properly equip a bike to make it "Adventure Ready."

One-Day Program Schedule

8:00 AM Arrival and check in – coffee and donuts available.
9:00 AM Lecture on Adventure Bike basics and top mistakes riders make as Adventure Riders.
9:40 AM Off-Road Clinic begins.  This is roughly a 2 hour clinic covering topics like clutch & throttle basics, turning, skidding, hill climbing and descent, and more. You'll have two instructors working with you, so we can cater to the skill levels of the group and also give each rider some individualized attention.
11:45 AM Lunch break – RawHyde Chefs will prepare a delicious hot lunch for you during which we'll discuss the proper outfitting of Adventure Bikes. After lunch we'll do a walk-through of our equipment showroom so that you can see the components that make Adventure Bikes rugged enough to withstand the rigors of the trail.
1:00 PM Demo Ride number 1 begins.  (90 minute duration)
2:40 PM Demo Ride number 2 begins. (90 minute duration)
4:00 PM Demo Ride number 3 begins. (90 minute duration)
5:00 PM End of One-Day program.

The Two-Day Demo Experience

Those who sign up for our Two-Day program will spend the night with us at RawHyde Ranch and will enjoy the hospitality for which RawHyde is well known.  After  the demo rides and itinerary from above are over the group will head for the showers or RawHyde's Dakar Bar for a beer and some snacks prepared by our Chefs.

We'll pass a couple of pleasant hours until a gourmet dinner is served about 7:30pm and after dinner we'll build a campfire and tell stories or hang out until bed time.

Day 2 will begin with coffee available in the kitchen at 6:00 AM with a delicious breakfast served at 7:30 AM.  The demo rides begin at 9:00 AM following the same routes as Saturday plus we'll conduct two more demo rides for Sunday. After breaking for lunch we'll take a 4 hour ride out into the "real world" where our riders will be able to really explore the potentials of their favorite bike.

Two-Day Program Schedule

(Day-2 schedule below. Day-1 schedule same as above).
6:00 AM Coffee and light snacks served in the kitchen.
7:30 AM Breakfast served.
8:30 AM Gear up and get ready for the days activities.
9:00 AM Demo Ride number 1 begins.  (90 minute duration).
10:40 AM Demo Ride number 2 begins. (90 minute duration)
12:15 PM Break for lunch.  Hot lunch served by our Chef.
1:00 PM The Ultimate Demo Ride begins.  Choose your favorite bike and together we'll hit the road for the best "test ride" you'll ever take.  During a 4 hour period we'll do some freeway riding, some back country two lane as well as a few dirt roads that show off the true potential of your favorite bike.  We'll wrap up on one of the most  twisty roads in the state of California as we return to RawHyde – arriving back at our training center about 5 PM.

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