Re-discover Mexico

Mexico has been the target of some pretty negative press over the last few years but we’d like to challenge you NOT to take for granted what you see on TV, but rather to determine for yourself what Mexico is really all about. Our impression is that Baja Mexico in particular is a safe, hospitable, congenial, fun, and incredibly interesting destination for Adventure Riders. The food is great, the riding is awesome and the accommodations are funky but cool, and the people are warm and inviting! So what are you waiting for – Join us and find out for yourself!

We are pleased to offer you a 7 day adventure through the heart of legendary Baja, Mexico! It’s the home of the famous Baja 1000 off road race and it's one of the greatest “playgrounds” for off road motorcycling in the world.

Ride overview & description

This trip is about 40% “off road” 20 % beat up pavement and the rest is good pavement, but it's ALL adventurous ! It's an easy to low intermediate ride from a technicality standpoint. Some rocky roads, and light sand are the most challenging parts of the ride.

Your trip will begin at RawHyde Ranch in Southern California on Sunday night where we’ll all spend some time getting to know each other with an orientation and a great welcome dinner.

Rawhyde Baja Tour
By: Adam Booth - Moto USA April 2015

Baja Tour