Introducing the Continental Divide Adventure Center.

Located high in the Rocky Mountains on the Continental Divide Trail, in the heart of the best Adventure Riding in America is RawHyde's new rocky mountain training center - RawHyde Colorado.

Opening June 1st 2013 the RawHyde Colorado is a facility solely dedicated to the Adventure Rider. We'll offer tours of the Continental Divide, Test and Demo rides on bikes from every manufacturer plus a new off road training program.

Colorado is a perfect place to beat the summer heat of the West or the stifling humidity of the East!

The Adventure Camp is situated among the aspen forests and pines at 9500 feet elevation where the summer time temperature never goes above 85 degrees and the relative humidity is less than 50%. We are located in the exact center of the state, between Breckenridge and Salida.

Simply stated – Central Colorado is the "best of the best" from an adventure rider's point of view. Within an hour of our facility are most of Colorado's high alpine mountain passes, the highest road in America, the highest mountain you can drive to the top of, as well as the Trans America Trail, The Continental Divide trail and the Colorado Back Country discovery trail.

Everything you could ever want as an adventure rider is here – come discover it for yourself.


How familiar are you with your motorcycle? Today’s motorcycles are increasingly sophisticated and the systems and sub-systems are baffling to some folks. Terms like ESA, Traction Control, ABS, and Enduro Pro can be confusing – let us help you figure out the nuances of all this. Additionally, most motorcycles leave the factory in a “one size fits all” manner and there are many things that you can do to optimize the bike to your size and weight. We touch lightly on some of these things in the weekend class, but this clinic will not only make you intimately familiar with your machine, but will help configure the bike ergonomically so that it fits you perfectly. The price for this clinic is $125.


Thinking about signing up for an off road class? Want a little extra Learning time?? We have learned through our years of experience that many folks (especially new off road riders) would like to dip their toes in the water before jumping into something in which they have no experience. Its quite normal to have the “jitters” but if you’d like a little extra time to figure things out before the formal class begins you can take advantage of a new program we’ve started called “The pre-training clinic”.

This is a four hour program that begins on Friday afternoon before everyone else arrives. The clinic is geared to ease you into the training program with a little more confidence. The clinic focuses on Balance, Throttle and Clutch control and basic braking. There are several advantages to this – early arrival, extra time on your motorcycle and a very personalized experience to build your confidence before class begins. The clinic size is limited and the price is $325. There is no additional charge for use of a bike if you’re renting for the weekend from us.

**compare our pre-training clinic to “early boarding of an aircraft” Get in early, get settled, and relax before the rush.

Take both clinics for the discounted price of $400.


What's happening at RawHyde Colorado

Intro To Adventure Training Camp
For experienced street riders wanting to get comfortable in the dirt.
The Next Step Training Camp
A direct follow-up to our "Intro" program.
Rocky Mountain Adventure Ride
A 5-day "hub-and-spoke" adventure ride following each scheduled camp date.
High Rockies Adventure Ride
A 2-day "hub-and-spoke" adventure ride following each scheduled camp date.
The Continental Divide Ride.
America's Ultimate Adventure
Coming Soon - The "Triple Nickel" Test Ride Program.
Five Days, Five Bikes, Five incredible rides.

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