Picture a route two and a half thousand miles long, stretching from Mexico to Canada, traversing New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana, with elevations from 4,000 feet to a cloud-scraping 13,000 feet. The path criss-crosses a single geologic feature that rules over most of the North American continent, influencing weather, determining which oceans receive the outflows of thousands of watercourses, creating and dividing habitats-and offering spectacular views to those who challenge its heights. This is the legendary Continental Divide, also known as the Great Divide. So remote and inspiring is the route that Land Rover chose it as a challenge for the North American introduction of the Range Rover in 1989, when six Range Rovers became the first vehicles to complete the entire journey.

The Continental Divide is one of the premier overlanding journeys in the world; it is right here in the U.S. -and now we are offering an exclusive chance to experience it with a small group of like-minded travelers.

For ten days you'll drive through the most stunning landscapes our country has to offer, from northern New Mexico to northern Montana, enjoying nights out under crisp starry skies or in lodges. You'll be challenged by terrain-the route is only passable in summer, and even then storms can render many passages difficult-and will learn how to safely negotiate that terrain thanks to one-on-one instruction from our team of overlanding experts.

Along the way we'll surprise you with wine tastings, fine microbrews, and perhaps whiskey and a cigar or two while enjoying evening programs on natural and cultural history, geology, overlanding equipment, and more.

Breakfasts and gourmet dinners on all non-lodge nights are included. The trip is fully supported with support trucks plus a mechanic.

If you're up for a world-class overlanding adventure, please join us in 2015. Space is extremely limited. May 21st to 31st 2015.

On this journey 75 percent of our travels will be on dirt roads, and many things can happen to affect our schedule and route. There may be deviations to the itinerary due to circumstances beyond our control. Weather, road conditions, water crossing delays, illness, and accidents are some but not all of the things that could impact our schedule. Please allow some time mentally for delays. One of the things that makes a trip like this an adventure is not having every detail so thoroughly documented that nothing is left to chance. Many things can happen to disrupt our plans (and probably will). We hope you understand that such uncertainties simply cannot be eliminated without jeopardizing the essential qualities of what defines an adventure.

The cost of this trip is $6,995 per vehicle (including two persons). Included in that price is the following:

1. All camping fees and hotel stays.

2. Entry to Grand Teton or Yellowstone National Parks if chosen. This choice will be explained to you when we reach this area during the tour.

3. Support vehicles for food service and mechanical assistance. The two support vehicles will be stocked with snacks, first aid supplies, water, and soft drinks. We will also carry tools, an air compressor, a generator, and a welder in case of breakdowns or other mechanical failure.

4. Breakfast & dinner each day. Lunch will taken on the road or we'll simply have a stop where everyone dips into their own supplies to make lunch.

5. Satellite communications The guide vehicle will have satellite communications. Cellular phones don't work in many of the areas that we pass through, but you should have access two or three times a day. Many of our evening destinations also have cell service.

6. Route planning navigation and logistics

7. A complete set of GPS route tracks.

This is the complete list of covered items-any expenses incurred beyond what is listed above will be your individual responsibility. Below are the key items that are not covered in the fee for the trip.

1. Your vehicle and personal camping gear. Your vehicle will need to be approved in advance to ensure it is suitable for the terrain this trip will cover.

2. All rooms have been booked double occupancy. If you wish to have a single room we'll attempt to accommodate and will add the cost to your invoice, or you can see if extra rooms are available for the night at the hotel.

3. You are responsible for your own fuel. We estimate $150 per day depending on your vehicle.

4. Alcohol is not included on restaurant nights.

If you are interested in this trip, please call the office at 661 993 9942


For the Continental Divide Ride 4x4.