Motorcycles for sale

Its now time for RawHyde to begin taking orders for the replacement of our 2017 fleet of rental bikes to make room for the 2018 models. There is no better “deal” available on a BMW GS anywhere… Period!

If you’re interested in either a BMW 1200 GS or GSA we have an irresistible offer for you. Each purchase of either a 1200 GS or GSA will include the following:

1. An opportunity to participate in either our Level 1 or Level two training program.
2. An opportunity to participate in either our “Big Bikes in Baja” tour – or – Our Expedition CV training program, OR new for the 2017 season a very special tour of the Continental Divide. (note that this link takes you to standard Continental Divide tour. (note that this link takes you to standard Continental Divide tour site for reference – please call for the details of this trip!)
3. And one set of brand new tires to go along with the existing tires on the bike.

All bikes have been "meticulously maintained" (by a BMW master technician) and have approximately 24 – 30 months warranty remaining, and qualify for BMW factory financing and EZ ride terms. All of these motorcycles have a few minor scratches but are mechanically perfect. All of our 1200 GS's are “premium bikes” with every option that BMW makes.

The bikes all have lean angle sensitive ABS, Keyless ride, Shift assist, cruise control, GPS prep package, ride modes (with enduro pro chip installed) LED headlights etc. ALSO – all standard 1200s’ have been upgraded with "Adventure" components, and come equipped with upgraded skid plates, headlight protectors, "Adventure" luggage racks and more.

All bikes are sold in "as is" condition.

All 1200 GSA liquid cooled bikes are priced at $22,750 and regular 1200 GS’s are $19,950- each bike is equipped with ALL of BMW's premium upgrade protection products. AND if you consider the value of the tour, the training and the tires and you're getting a new "still under warranty" GS for a ridiculously low price.

We also have a few 2010 - 2013 bikes in our fleet as well, so if you're on a budget please call for price and availability for a range of 800 and 1200 bikes from '10 to '13 model years.

BMW 1200GSA: $22,750

RawHyde has ten 1200 GSA's for sale. Each bike comes with ALL the factory options. Premium package, Keyless Ride, Shift Assist, ESA, Enduro Pro, GPS mount and wiring, LED headlight, upgraded skid plate, headlite protector and more. All bikes will be delivered with existing tires plus a set of new tires, Metzler Tourance or equivalent! Each bike also comes with the RawHyde Training class of your choice (either Level 1 or Level two). Each bike is guaranteed to be financed by BMW credit, and is still under warranty.

AND – to make this an irresistible deal you will also get to participate in an all expenses paid 5 day ride with the RawHyde Team on either our Big Bikes in Baja tour, or our Expedition CV or a custom tour on Americas amazing Continental Divide tour. Just do the math… not only is the price of our bikes very reasonable to begin with, but the class, the tires and the tour add up to over $5000 in bonus value. Making the purchase of a new GSA less than $18K.


BMW 1200GS: $19,950

RawHyde has twenty 1200 GS's for sale. Each bike comes with ALL the factory options. Each 1200 has been upgraded with all the GSA components, footpegs, brake lever and luggage racks. They also include spoke wheels, the Premium package, Keyless Ride, ShiftAassist pro, ESA, Enduro Pro, GPS mount and wiring, LED headlight, Upgraded skid plate and more. All come with the existing off-road tires currently on the bike plus a brand new set of Metzler Tourance or equivilant. Each bike also comes with the RawHyde Training class of your choice (either Intro or Next Step). Each bike is guaranteed to be financed by BMW credit, and is still under warranty.

AND – as mentioned above …to make this an irresistible deal you will also get to participate in an all expenses paid 5 day ride with the RawHyde Team on either our Big Bikes in Baja tour, or our Expedition CV training tour, or our new for 2017 custom Continental Divide Ride. Just do the math… not only is the price of our bikes very reasonable to begin with, but the class, the tires and the tour add up to over $5000 in value. Making the purchase of a new 1200 GS less than $15K.


BMW F800GS: $12,750

RawHyde has 5 800 GS's for sale. Each bike is fully optioned, premium package, ESA, Ride Modes, heated grips - and has all the 800 GSA hardware, including brake pedal, headlight protector. Each bike comes with the RawHyde Training class of your choice (either Intro or Next Step) and one new sets of tires. If you subtract the value of the class and tires you’re getting a new 800 GS for less than $10 K.


BMW F700GS: $10,595

RawHyde has 3 F700 GS's for sale. Each bike has ABS, Heated Grips, and all the basic protective gear. Factory original skid plate etc. Each bike comes with a RawHyde Training Class of your choice like all the others, and you'll get one set of new tires. Each bike also is fully protected with Alt-rider crash bars and radiator guards. These are good solid, reliable starter bikes for the ADV world.


Client Testimonials:

Buying a bike from Jim was the best thing I ever did in my moto life

Mosey Levy – New York - purchased a 2015 R1200GS

I would do this again in a heartbeat. Buying a bike from Jim was the best thing I ever did in my moto life. It allowed me to have an experience I’ll never forget, and have the bike I always wanted, at the best price I could find it for. The buying experience was a pleasure. The training was incredible, and the trip was impactful. The biggest danger about this entire experience is the increased thirst for adventure.

I'll never forget the experience, the staff, the group we had. The entire thing was an emotional experience. It wasn't a cold class room like feeling. It was a feeling of brotherhood, of adventure, and experience. That's not something you can get just anywhere. Jim runs a world class facility. Now I just need to start saving up for the Next Step class. Maybe I'll start a youfundme page : )

It was a terrific experience from beginning to end

Tom Callahan, Alexandria, VA - purchased a 2015 R1200GS Adventure

I bought a 1200 GS Adventure from RawHyde's 2015 fleet, sight unseen, late last year. I first set eyes on her when I showed up at the camp in April for 2 days of excellent off-road training and a fantastic 5-day tour through CA, AZ, and NM ($4,000 worth of training/touring included in the already very reasonable purchase price). The motorcycle was in perfect running condition and I got tuned in to my new bike in the presence of friendly, expert coaches who have had hundreds of thousands of miles and years of riding on these bikes. It was a terrific experience from beginning to end. I am proud to be part of the RawHyde family and look forward to returning soon!

My new to me 15 GSA first thoughts and ride review and other ramblings

CaptRick, Dec 25, 2015

"So I bought one of the Rawhyde GSA's that were available for sale and picked up the bike in Ca on Tuesday Dec. 22nd and rode it back to Santa Fe, NM. The trip had to be a super slab run due to time constraints and winter weather, so here is the tale.... First off, Jim Hyde and the staff at Rawhyde were great to deal with! Excellent communications up to and after the sale. The bike was sent to Irv Seaver BMW to get ready for me to pick up. As part of the deal with Rawhyde I had a new set of tires put on at Irv's and bought the Nav V and a BMW tank bag. I ordered and had delivered to Irv's a set of Globe Scout hard panniers. In addition Irv's performed a 6K service as the bike had 6009 on the clock when I bought it. So I flew into John Wyane airport and landed about 3:30 Tuesday afternoon to cloudy skies and wet roads. David Ortiz at Irv Seaver's had one of the team members pick me up at the airport and away we went. Now "away" is a relative term as I soon rediscovered in Calif. traffic, Ugggggg. We got to the shop in about 30 minutes and the bike was on the showroom floor and ready to go. The new bags fit the stock BMW mounts and they looked great. The GPS and tank bag were installed and it was off to the office to do the paperwork. It turns out while the bike was at Irvs, a local rodent took a liking to the rear seat and nibbled some fine German seat coverings. David has ordered me a new seat and will send it once it comes in. I cant say enough how great David and everyone at Irv Seaver's was. From our first phone call to the final handshake, everything went smooth as butter. It is really nice to deal with true professionals! In all it took about an hour to get the paperwork done and for me to load the bike and change into my riding gear. I pulled away from the shop to dark skies and headed on to the 55 to try and get some miles underway before it got to late and I didn't want to deal with the morning commute. As soon as I got on 55 it was Ca. traffic and wet roads and dark skies on a new bike. What could possibly happen? LOL Well I quickly got back into to lane splitting as I had lived in the Bay area for 20+ years but I hadn't had to split lanes in 20 + years. It is a skill set you don't forget and I was soon zipping along at 40-50 MPH between bumper to bumper LA drivers in the rain. Stress? Just a tad......In any case the bike and I were bonding and I was trying to figure out and remember everything I was told about the various buttons and switches that were available to me on my left and right hand controls. The GPS was definitely worth every penny as a route to Phoenix via 10 was programmed in and it was much easier to concentrate on riding and not all the road signs and exits and Ca drivers in cages heading home. It was now starting to rain a lot harder and I discovered that the windscreen on the GSA is excellent at directing the rain over my head so my visor stayed clear. I am 5'11" and with the screen all the way up I was in a perfect bubble of dry air as the rain was falling real hard. The bike was in rain mode and felt great. Plenty of power on hand and no wheel spin when grabbing a hand full of go power. As it got later and darker I really learned to appreciate the LED headlight and the driving lights. They do a great job of fully illuminating the road way and the switches are easy to access and intuitive. The stock horn is pretty meek and that will be something I replace. As I continued to ride on I started to try and compare the 1200 LC to my 2000 1150 GS. Well there is no comparison, the 1200 is so much smoother and powerful it is like comparing apples and oranges. The 1200 is bigger and heavier but it feels smaller and much more nimble. I can flat foot the 1200 without any problem, not so with my 1150, but I do have Ohlins on the 1150 and those do raise it a bit. The 1200 is a lot of bike when you are sitting on it but that big GSA tank really gives you a lot of wind protection and it feels much narrower than the 1150. I rode to Indio Ca for an overnight at an overpriced room in a sketchy part of town. I was able to park the bike right outside my room but I was still a tad nervous. I averaged about 42 MPG for that part of the trip. Early the next morning (Wed) I hit the road about 5:30 AM and got back on 10 to burn some miles. As the sun came up I really stared to feel at one with the bike. I always wondered why anyone needed or wanted cruise control on a motorcycle. I am now a convert! To set a speed and have the bike maintain it is a great feature. Now one small gripe about the CC is that is pretty abrupt when you switch it off. It is not as smooth of a transition as I would like, but this a small gripe and I cant see not having CC on this bike. Once again the GPS and the "wheel" work great together and the location of the GPS is perfect. It doesn't get in your sight line but it is always just a glance away. In no time at all I was west of Phoenix and needed fuel. I have the key-less on my bike and it is excellent. I had no issues with the fuel cap as I have read and heard others have. Mine worked perfectly. After fueling up it was back on the road. I pretty much kept the CC on 85 the whole way and found the bike very smooth without any detectable vibration. I was getting about 35 MPG and was having fun playing with all the switches now that it was daytime so I could actually see what each switch was. I rode on all day and saw more rain N of Tuscon and some pretty strong crosswinds. Thur it the GSA ran perfectly. The stock seat is on of the most comfortable seats I have ever sat on. I rode for about 12 hours on Wed and stopped in Truth or Consequences NM and stayed at the Firewater lodge. One of my favorite spots in ToC as they have hot mineral spring tubs either in your room or on your patio and it's next to the Bella Luca restaurant, one of if not the best places to eat in ToC. I averaged about 32 MPG for this leg but I had the cruise at 85 MPH for 90% of the day. Thursday morning brought 36 degree temps and cloudy skies so after a morning soak I hit the road. Between ToC and Santa Fe I hit rain, sleet and snow flurries but I arrived home after 3 hours and got the new stead put away in the shop and had time to think back on the roughly 960 miles I had just ridden. The 1200 is a keeper, it is smooth, fast and comfortable. It's features are well thought out and easy to access. The turn signals took a bit of time to get used to as they are not the BMW switches you my be used to. The jury is out on the BMW tank bag, to early to say I like it or dislike yet. The Globe Scout panniers are excellent. They are waterproof for certain and very easy to get into and close. The key-less ignition works great but to be honest I am a bit scared of it's technology and will keep the emergency key well stashed on the bike just in case. The lights are amazing and they light up the path really nicely. So to sum it up this was great deal price-wise and I am really happy with the bike, now I just want winter to end so I can take this sucker out and use it the way it is meant to be used."