RawHyde in the Press

THE NEXT Wild West
Motorcyclist Magazine June 2015

Rawhyde Baja Tour
By: Adam Booth - MotoUSA April 2015

Death Valley—an Adventurous Expedition
By: Steven Green - Rider Magazine Blog March 2014

RawHyde Adventures Base Camp Alpha Tour
By: Bart Madson - Motorcycle USA September 2014

Death Valley— An Adventurous Expedition - NEW!
By: Steven Green - Rider March 2014

RawHyde ADV Intro to Adventure Class - NEW!
By: Bart Madson - Motorcycle USA January 2014

The RawHyde Motor Officer Training Academy
By: Gary Prickett - Motorcycle Consumer News August 2010

Adventure Rider Challenge 2009
By: Gary Prickett - BMW On August 2009

The Dirt on RawHyde Adventure Camp
By: Shira Kamil - Backroads August 2009

Clutch Time - School of hard knocks
By: Dan Neil - LA Times May 2009

Motorcycle Masochism and an American Classic
By: JC Hilderbrand - MotoUSA issue: 3, 2009

Adventure Rider's Challenge 2008
By: Bill Dragoo - Adventure Motorcycle - August 2008

Learning to Ride Big Bikes in the Dirt - Women's Training
By: Donya Carlson - Rider July 2008

RawHyde Adventure Rider's Challenge
By: Tom Reese - Accelerate August 2007

Living Large
BMW ON May 2007

The American Adventure Riders "Challenge"
BMW ON May 2007

Dirty Little Secrets
By: Lance Oliver - American Motorcycle April 2007

Let's Get Dirty
By: Debbie Macdonald - Thunder Press April 2006

Off-Road Clinic for the Dirt Rider Impaired
By: Bruce Fischer - Cycle World Adventure July 2005

High-Desert Skirmish
By: Beau Allen Pacheco - Cycle World Motorcycle Travel and Adventure 2004

High-Desert Skirmish
By: Beau Allen Pacheco - Cycle World Motorcycle Travel and Adventure 2004

Doing Dirty Deeds
By: Gary Prickett - BMW ON October 2004

Short Film about RawHyde's Adventure Camp by: Stephen Gregory.

Short Film about RawHyde's Adevnture Camp by: Greg Hren.

Short Film highlighting RawHyde's Expedition CV by: Stephen Gregory.

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