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Welcome to the 2017 GS Trophy qualifier and Adventure Rider Challenge at RawHyde California.

October 5-8, 2017

RawHyde is excited once again to be involved with BMW’s GS Trophy Challenge. This is our fourth time to host a U.S. Trophy Qualifier, and for those of you that don’t know about it - the GS Trophy Challenge is an epic bi-annual event with international flair as teams from15 countries come together early next year to determine who has the best GS riders in the world. If you think you’ve got what it takes to make Team USA and you’d like to represent the U.S. in Mongolia next year, then be sure to sign up as a “competitor” in the greatest Adventure Bike spectacle in North America.

We’re going to make this years event a lot of fun with two days of fun competitive skills challenges, as well as some great riding - and here’s the plan.

RawHyde 2017 GS Trophy qualifier and Adventure Rider Challenge.

Friday, October 6th


We’ll begin the fun with what we’re calling the Adventure Riders “Tournament” comprised of a series of “interesting and unique” challenges around RawHyde Ranch that put your skill and your mettle to the test. The tournament will serve as the elimination round for the actual GS trophy6 as only the rider in the upper half of the points scores will advance to the GS trophy round. After the tournament there will be time for a great off property ride in the local mountains. After the ride will be dinner and LIVE music.

Saturday, October 7th

Will be the official GS Trophy Qualifier. The tests proscribed by BMW of Germany are not extreme, but they do require excellent balance, superb control of your motorcycle and high levels of confidence in your riding ability. The competition will last all day, and the winner of our event will join the team to represent the USA in the International GS Trophy.

You may choose to compete in the GS Trophy or simply join us for the fun of sharing a weekend with like-minded riders, BUT if you want to enter the Trophy Challenge be sure to check the box on our application that enrolls you as a competitor.

So what’s the “GS trophy” all about?

Its BMW’s way of developing communities of riders world wide that are dedicated to the sport of Adventure Riding, and its also about the exhilaration of personal achievement, and its ALL about fun and camaraderie!

There is obviously a competitive element for those hardy riders who want to win a place on Team USA. BUT - For 2017 all we would like to invite you to “challenge yourself” and explore some amazing places and participate in BMW’s pinnacle event of the year.

The Mojave desert is an Adventure Riders Paradise and one of the most incredible places on the North American continent to ride and explore.

Join us in October for the GS Trophy Challenge!

Where else will you find 250 fellow Adventurers who are just looking for some back country fun. You will have the chance to go riding with folks who love the same thing as yourself. You’ll spend evenings hanging round the campfires re-capping the days rides. Top notch food will be prepared by RawHyde’s chefs and is sure to satisfy the cravings brought on by a long and fulfilling days of serious riding. Live music and presentations will be the evening's entertainment as well as face to face interaction with many vendors of adventure riding products and accessories. BMW Motorrad, RevZilla, Touratech USA,, Jesse Luggage and many others.

All this and more wrapped up into three days that are not to be forgotten. If you own an “Adventure Bike;" you do not want to miss this event. It embodies every possible aspect of why you ride such a machine. Ask anyone who has been with us in the last few of years… It’s a blast.

Conditions of entry for the GS Trophy 2017 Qualifier Event

The BMW Motorrad USA GS Trophy 2017 is an event designed for motorcycling enthusiasts who wish to enjoy the “GS” experience together with like-minded individuals. All riders are encouraged to participate regardless of skill level. There is particular emphasis on the fact that this is NOT A RACING EVENT.

  1. The GS Trophy 2017 Qualifier event does not include timed races as are common in motor racing.
  2. Any timing challenges will be strictly related to rally style contests that do not promote a fastest speed event.
  3. Any road licensed BMW Motorrad enduro model can be used by participants entering the competition (except for the sports enduro model G 450 X).
  4. Participants are placed in a vehicle class according to their motorcycle.
  5. The starting fee is set by the host of the event at $200USD for the qualifier but may differ between locations.
  6. The starting fee includes select meals, the use of the facilities, technical support and a registration kit.
  7. All Team USA candidates must have a valid passport and be available to travel internationally in 2017.
  8. Holders of professional racing licenses are not permitted to take part in the competition. Discovery of professional racing history will be grounds for automatic disqualification.
  9. Participants are offered a variety of different tests at varying levels of difficulty.
  10. Participants can decline to take part in any test, instead receiving the maximum penalty score for this test instead.
  11. In order to take part in the competition, participants must be prepared to subject themselves and their motorcycles to challenges which go beyond everyday motorcycling. This includes dirt and mud situations as determined by the weather and as is usual in off-road sports.
  12. The event includes two riding days on which participants are required to follow a defined route which may contain sections of paved roads and off-road sections. Along this route, participants will find a number of special tests which also act as check points.
  13. Participants are required to stay at accommodations at their own expense.
  14. Any medication which may be required is to be brought by participants according to personal needs. The organizer does not accept any responsibility for health risks to participants arising from participation in the event. It is up to participants to have their own state of health checked prior to taking part.
  15. It is recommended that participants bring a small backpack to carry items required during riding such as the lunch packet. A hydration pack is also recommended.
  16. Participants are responsible for their own fuel supply; event organizers will be able to direct you to the nearest gas stations. Note fuel is readily available within a few miles of each location.
  17. At the end of each qualifying event, there will be an award ceremony to recognize top riders and overall qualifier round winner per location.
  18. Being chosen as a finalist of the GS Trophy 2017 Qualifier event does not mean a participant has automatically been selected to the USA Team to compete internationally.
  19. Participants take part in the events at their own risk.
  20. Participation is only permitted with a licensed motorcycle in sound technical condition. The organizer reserves the right to exclude any vehicle which is in a questionable technical state.
  21. Participants must be at least 18 years old.
  22. Participation is only possible if a participant is in possession of all protective equipment and holds a valid class M license.
  23. Only USA residents can qualify for a position on Team USA to participate in the BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy 2017.
  24. Employees and contractors of the BMW Group, employees and contractors of companies contracted to the BMW Group and employees and contractors of the host company managing the qualifier event are not eligible to compete.
  25. BMW Motorrad dealership employees are eligible.
  26. Former members of any international GS Trophy team are not eligible to be chosen for Team USA.
  27. Public laws are to be adhered to at all times.
  28. In the event that the program is forced to be canceled or terminated for safety reasons, the organizer is not liable to the participant for damages in any way; the participant fee will not be refunded in this case.
  29. These rules supersede all others regarding the GS Trophy including prior year events.
  30. Participants consent to any photographs, films and interviews made in connection to their involvement with the event being distributed and published on the radio, television, internet, print media, books and by means of photomechanical reproduction without claim to remuneration, including publication for advertising purposes.
  31. Invoicing and debit of the participation fee is carried out by the host company of the GS Trophy 2017 Qualifier event.
  32. Cancellation Terms: There are no refunds in full or in part for not attending the qualifier events.
  33. By submitting the registration form, participants agree to abide by the conditions of entry. The event is subject to USA law only.
  34. If any of these provisions become invalid, the remaining provisions remain unaffected.


SIGN-UP NOW! For the 2017 GS Trophy qualifier and Adventure Rider Challenge.

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