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RawHyde has been involved in the Adventure Riding segment of the motorcycle world since 2002. We’ve worked hard to become the premier destination for Adventure Riding and today we have more to offer the Adventure Riding community than any of our competitors.

We’ve trained thousands of riders, conducted tours all over the world and host several unique events each year for the Adventure Riding community. We have 4 facilities in California and Colorado AND we are the only company in North America that is both sponsored and sanctioned by BMW as an official training center! As you meander our site you’ll see the wide variety of Training, Tours and events that we provide. Hopefully something that we offer appeals to you and we’ll have the chance to serve you!

Below are our training class options – or you can browse our facilities and offerings through the navigational links above – Thanks for checking us out.

Jim Hyde – Founder RawHyde Adventures

Jim Hyde, Founder, RawHyde Adventures

The best of Argentina, Bolivia and Chile

RawHyde’s Journey to the End of the World

Adventure begins...

...where the pavement ends

Adventure Riding: that is what exists beyond the end of the tarmac. Over 95% of the world's roads are unpaved, so if you don't like to (or can't) ride in the dirt, you'll find yourself confined to a mere 5% of the planet.

RawHyde Adventures has something fun and exhilarating for any Adventure Rider. Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned veteran; our training programs, rallies and special events truly provide the definition of adventure.

Our riders


Bill Bergman, RawHyde Review

Bill Bergman

RawHyde Off Road... Simply the best experience thus far on my bike. Why? Here are a few reasons. Read more.

Mats Ceder, RawHyde Review

Mats Ceder

I have attended several training classes and events at RawHyde. It reminds me of camp when I was younger. Show up Friday, put away my car keys and my wallet, and enjoy the weekend. Everything is there already arranged for you... Read more.

Scott Wachs, RawHyde Review

Scott Wachs

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know last weeks Base Camp Alpha experience was just incredible. First of all the modification due to weather was brilliant, the ground we covered was beautiful and challenging but not overly intimidating. Read more.

David Haydock, RawHyde Review

Mylan Cohen

I just want you to know the incredible positive impact that you, your company, and your team has had on my life, Maya's life, and potentially our family as I've now encouraged our son to start riding. We intend to come back as soon as possible as a family... Read more.

David Haydock, RawHyde Review

David Haydock

Anyone that asks about my bike or talks about getting an adventure bike, I say two things... Get a BMW and go to Rawhyde, both of which are worth every penny! I then go on and on about the feeling of satisfaction being able to ride obstacles I would have never thought possible. Read more.

Jeff Camacho, RawHyde Review

Jeff Camacho

It was a great event. So many talented riders from all over the US came to RawHyde Adventures for the 2015 GS Trophy Challenge West Coast Qualifiers. I was lucky enough to work with this amazing team.

Daniel, RawHyde Review

Daniel Schneider

Thank you all for the awesome Intro Course last weekend. Great bunch of instructors and staff. I'll be back! I also want to thank you for making me think hard about upgrading to a 1200!

Expedition 65 is an adventure motorcycle journey from Cartagena, Colombia to the “end of the world” in Ushuaia, Argentina. Follow along as 15 intrepid riders head off on a true adventure through some of the most remote areas of the planet. This 4-part documentary series chronicles the 10,000-mile/65-day adventure of 15 motorcyclists who have decided to make this dream a reality.

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RawHyde’s Best of the West Adventure

RawHyde’s Best of the West experience is a seven day adventure (six days of riding) that encompasses many of the “must do” sights of the American West. Death Valley, Las Vegas, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, the legendary Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, Four Corners and more...

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This new 40 acre terrain park contains every element that riders need to know about in order to be proficient at handling big bikes in the dirt! We're also very aware that folks don't like to wait in line so we've structured the park in such a way that there is virtually no waiting in line for your lessons. See the video!

Colorado Training
Motorcycles for Sale, RawHyde Adventures

It's now time for RawHyde to begin taking orders for the replacement of our 2019 fleet of rental bikes to make room for the 2020 models. There is no better “deal” available on a BMW GS anywhere... Period!

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Patagonia 2020 Motorcycle Tour in South America by RawHyde Adventures

Patagonia is one of those places that everyone has heard of… yet most folks haven’t gone and here at RawHyde, we’d like to change that because if you’re an Adventure Rider; Patagonia has absolutely everything you could ever ask for.

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The Best of Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile tour in South America by RawHyde Adventures

The Best of Argentina, Bolivia and Chile is a 2000 mile ride through three remarkably different countries which all share a single incredible geologic feature – The most influential mountain range in the world; - The Mighty Andes!

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