The Dakar Rally

Argentina - Bolivia - Peru

The Dakar Rally

Ultimate Motorsports Experience

This is absolutely the world's ultimate motorsports experience. There is nothing like it anywhere in the world, and words simply do no justice to the incredible drama, excitement and adrenaline of the Dakar.

From the subtropical regions near Salta, Argentina to the Salt Flats of Uyuni, Bolivia the 2019 Dakar Rally will be etched upon your mind forever. Each day of our trip allows you to connect with the Rally in some way. Whether it's running with the competitors on a liaison between stages, or watching the action from a checkpoint, we'll get you as close to the rally as possible. The Dakar is the world's toughest and longest motorsports event. It's not like Nascar where you can sit in a chair and watch the action. Its more than 3000 miles and we have to "move with the race" in order to see the action, so that makes for an amazing adventure. You'll see South America in a way that very few people ever will. You'll share in the excitement of the locals as they ask for your autographs (and they really will!) You will ride more than 3000 miles in the timeframe of the trip and you will experience the Dakar in a way that most folks can only dream.

All models of BMW rentals are available (any model you want); you'll ride for 10 days split by 1 rest day where you will see and experience things you have never imagined. You'll cross the Andes on one of the highest dirt road passes in the world; you'll ride the driest desert in the world, and you'll sleep comfortably at night in "best available" accommodations, eat wonderful food and truly have an incredible adventure. After the race you'll fly home from Cordoba Argentina.

The Dakar is an unattainable dream for many... and we'd like to enable that dream for a select few riders in 2019. Team RawHyde - Dakar 2019
The Dakar Rally by RawHyde Adventures



Price does not include airfare and M/C drop fees